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Mama LongLegs blossomed from a collaboration of close friends living in a small town tucked away between the mountain ranges of Northern Utah. The band, consisting of Allie Harris (lead vocals, guitar), Megan Simper (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin), Julie Taquin (violin), Kendall Becker (double bass), and Emily Densley (percussion), draws inspiration from their striking natural surroundings. Much like the ever-changing seasons, their music seamlessly weaves between a multitude of genres, ranging from folk/blues to gypsy jazz. Despite this “genre-fluid” style, their unwavering enthusiasm to share and create music with each other has allowed them to firmly establish themselves as a unique creative force.

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Band Members

Sum of Talented Parts


Julie Taquin


Julie joined Mama LongLegs in 2017 and since has enjoyed exploring the wide range of musical genres the band draws upon as inspiration. In addition to her role as violinist, she has become the band’s primary artist, designing logos, posters, album artwork, and t-shirts. Outside of music and art, Julie enjoys her day job where she helps run an urban organic farm.


Megan Simper


Megan Simper has been with Mama LongLegs from the very beginning. She is a powerful songwriter, and helps with fine-tuning the musical arrangements and assisting other bandmates with perfecting their performances.

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Allie Harris


Allie has been drawn to the guitar since since she saw how to make one herself with a kleenex box and rubberbands at the age of 5. She graduated with a degree in music, and is a full-time musician and music school co-owner. She enjoys time in the wilderness, especially on a snowboard.





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