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[         pop-folk, fiddle-tune, gypsy jazz vibes.       ]



Mama LongLegs is a folk/americana band based in Logan, Utah.  It is the primary collaboration of musicians and longtime friends Allie Harris and Megan Simper and explores a range of musical styles, drawing on the influences of the sweeping Utah landscape which is central to the band’s aesthetic and valued deeply by each of its members. 

Mama LongLegs has played at KUER, with touring acts in venues such as the Ellen Eccles Theater, the Beaver Mountain Music Festival, and the Ogden Music Festival.  They have created multiple music videos, most notably in collaboration with Kyle Wesley, a Logan music industry professional and audio engineer/producer of the band’s debut album “Time to Let You Go,” released December of 2020.   


The band enjoys spending time outside, writing music, performing, and hanging out as friends.  





The mosaic of the Mama's sound takes shape around the versatility and vision of lead vocalists Megan Simper  and Allie Harris. Both born and raised in Utah, Simper and Harris met while earning their music degrees at Utah State University.  After playing together in the folk-magic project Hoodoo, Allie approached Megan with an idea for a band name: Mama LongLegs. The idea caught immediately.  The two began playing as a duo in small venues, winning hearts early on

with their sensitive guitar and mandolin duets coupled with rich and soulful vocal harmonies. 


Soon joined by Julie Taquin (violin), Kendall Becker (double bass), and Emily Densley (drums/percussion), the band started expanding their following and musical prowess throughout Cache Valley and beyond. Having an all-female band has proved to be awesome beyond expectations.

Allie Harris

When she was five years old, Allie constructed her own guitar out of a tissue box and some rubber bands. She has been drawn to the instrument ever since. She began playing a wooden guitar when she was thirteen and started writing songs immediately. 


Allie graduated from USU with a music degree and has been doing music full-time since 2015. She is co-owner of a music school in Logan, Utah, and has a passion for teaching music and performing.


She loves living in Utah, and if she’s not doing music, you can find her on a snowboard or a mountain bike. Follow Allie on her Patreon Account to get behind the scenes access to her music.  

Megan Simper

Megan Simper is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Logan, Utah. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Utah State University in Guitar Performance. In addition to co-founding Mama LongLegs, she is a founder of the folk-magic project “Hoodoo,” and co-host of the podcast “hang out with musicians” or “howm.”  She has performed solo at TEDxUSU, and has written music for short films and radio.  Her debut solo album “Woven In” was released in 2019. 


Her unique musical style is complex and lyrical, weaving intricate instrumental textures of fingerstyle guitar, mandolin, piano, etc. with vocals that are both pure and powerful.  She believes that the arts help us to co-create ourselves and seeks to integrate her meditation and mindfulness practice into all her work. 


Megan spends her time teaching private lessons, creating music and art, and enjoying the beautiful Bear River Mountains.

Emily Densley

Following in the footsteps of her older siblings, Emily started playing percussion in the 7th grade. She loved it so much she kept playing all the way through college, getting a bachelor's degree in Music Education. She loves her musical career of teaching and performing, and has a special place in her heart for instructing high school drumline. Emily joined Mama LongLegs in the summer of 2018 and has enjoyed playing in the band ever since!

Julie Taquin 

Julie joined Mama LongLegs in 2017 and has enjoyed exploring the wide range of musical genres the band draws upon as inspiration. In addition to her role as violinist, she has helped design logos, posters, and T-shirts for the band.  Outside of music and art, Julie enjoys her day job where she works as a grant writer for an art museum.

Kendall Becker

Kendall chose upright bass as her instrument at age 11 so she could play classical and jazz music with other children. She thinks of the bass as a glue that holds together the other sounds and the space between them. Hidden in the sound profile, it affects the feelings of the other musicians and the overall feeling they produce for a listener. In Mama LongLegs, this is her role.